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When Should My Child See the Orthodontist for the First Time?

You might be wondering when would be a good time for you, as a parent, to start considering orthodontic treatment for your child. Because many orthodontic issues can be more easily fixed during childhood, the American Dental Association (ADA) advises that children are screened for such treatment by age 7; this approach is known as Early Intervention Orthodontics.

Sacramento Early Intervention Orthodontics is the initial stage of orthodontic treatment and is usually followed by a second stage of treatment when the patient is older. Because of the earlier treatment, however, the second stage is shorter and less complicated, and less costly than if the child did not have the first stage of treatment.

Orthodontics in Sacramento, CA

What Problems Can Early Intervention Orthodontics Help Correct?

Early Intervention Orthodontic treatment Sacramento can help correct a range of problems including crowding and situations when adult teeth are erupting too early or too late. It can also fix teeth that have become misaligned from habits such as thumb sucking or lip thrusting and can even help with jaw malpositioning and growth abnormalities.

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Dr. David Markham is a board-certified orthodontist and can determine which patients are candidates for early intervention. In some instances, a child can wear a primary appliance for a few months, preventing uncomfortable and potentially expensive orthognathic surgical treatment in adulthood. And with partial braces, for example, it is possible to position teeth to help boost a child’s self-esteem and to prevent future dental problems. And while Early Intervention Orthodontics is not always needed, it is certainly worth an evaluation to see if your child could benefit from this treatment.

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Orthodontics for Straight Teeth and Self-Esteem

Orthodontic intervention during the teenage years works to help treat orthodontic problems and to help boost a teenager’s self-esteem. Teenagers often feel self-conscious about their smile and orthodontic treatment is a great way to help assuage these feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence. Some of the issues that can be addressed with orthodontic treatment in the teenage years include problems with spacing, crowding, and teeth protruding, as well as treatment planning for missing teeth or misshaped teeth.

The Advantages of Braces In Sacramento

The Advantages of Braces

Braces will not only straighten your teenager’s teeth to give them confidence in their smile but can help prevent future cavities, gum disease, and potential jaw and joint pain by restoring the teeth to a more natural position and alignment. Braces can also be used to help correct teeth that were shifted or flared by habits such as tongue thrusting and finger sucking.

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Adults Can Wear Braces Too

It is a common misconception that “only teenagers” wear braces, but the reality is that approximately 1 out of 5 people have orthodontic treatment in adulthood. With new esthetic options that are less obvious than traditional metal braces, more adults are being treated today than ever before. One popular option is Invisalign in Sacramento, CA, which is often not noticed at all!

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Orthodontic Treatment with Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontic treatment corrects not only misaligned teeth but is often useful as an important step in cosmetic dental treatment plans including full cosmetic makeovers. Often, a cosmetic dentist will ask a patient to go through orthodontic treatment prior to the start of cosmetic treatment (such as veneers) in order to achieve optimal results. By combining cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatment, additional tooth structure can be preserved, as braces are used instead of drilling additional teeth.

Pre-Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Braces are used to help in the treatment of teenagers and adults with jaw alignment problems. This jaw alignment treatment is called orthognathic surgery and to help achieve the proper surgical jaw position, braces are worn beforehand.

Dr. David Markham Treats Adults and Children

Call Dr. David Markham’s office today at 916-924-8970 to see if you are a candidate for braces. Remember, braces are no longer “only for kids” and more and more adults are wearing braces every day (even though you might not see the braces on the adults who are wearing one of the cosmetic braces options).

Orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening or moving teeth with orthodontic devices or procedures to improve the patient’s teeth and function.

The best age for orthodontic treatment in Sacramento is between 8 to 10 years; during that time, a child usually has a combination of baby teeth and mature teeth. For adults, any time is the right time as long as you maintain good oral health. Always remember to consult with your orthodontists before starting any treatment.