Meet The Team

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented orthodontic team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

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Office Manager

My job is to oversee the office operations, and I am committed to making our patient’s and teams’ experiences remarkable! I am happy to answer questions and resolve any concerns. My journey in the dental field started in 1999, and I’ve been working with Dr. Markham since 2013. I started as a scheduling coordinator and I learned every administrative position, including orthodontic clinical assisting.

I love working with the best doctor and team ever. We work exceptionally well to provide the best experience for our patients and each team member! Meeting new people and participating in our patients’ successful smile journey is the greatest reward. I appreciate the attentive care Dr. Markham and our team provides to each patient.

Outside work, I am studying psychology to learn more about the fascinating human brain and behavior. My goal is to continue checking off my world travel bucket list. I’ve visited several countries, and I am grateful for each experience and for the opportunity to learn about different cultures and tasting their food.

I love to eat Thai chili peppers and any spicy food! My favorite sports team is the San Francisco 49ers and the Sacramento Kings!
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my beau, my family, and my two granddaughters, who keep me very busy and entertained!


Treatment Coordinator

I have been working closely with patients to help them get the dental care they need for four years. The most fulfilling part of my job is seeing patients gain confidence after their treatment is complete!

My role as the Treatment Coordinator is to listen to the patients’ main concerns, offer different braces options, and make personalized financial plans for each patient. My favorite thing about working at Markham Orthodontics is the staff loves what they do and who they do it for—the patients.

When I’m not working, I enjoy learning hip-hop choreography, dancing, and eating spicy chips!


Patient Coordinator

My job entails helping the Doctor clinically with patients in between orthodontic treatment phases, such as Phase I treatment (interceptive treatment) and Phase II treatment. I help patients that need guidance with the clinical aspect of their treatment and also customize their financials, scheduling appointments, and coordinating patient care with fellow dental offices.

I have a Dental Assisting Program background, and I am a licensed Orthodontic Assistant. I started working with the Markham team in 2016, and I love seeing our patients happy with their smiles and transformation.

My interactions with our patients and my team members will always be my favorite part of my job. Additionally, Dr. Markham is an excellent orthodontist and a very nice person to work with; I am grateful he always helps us grow and improve our communication and knowledge in orthodontics to help and care for our patients.

In my free time, I practice yoga, read books about the moon, hike, or spend time with my dog, Goose. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends too.


Financial Coordinator

My journey in the dental field started back in 2019. I am a 22-year-old Hmong American who went to John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento where I lived all my life.

The best part of my job is being able to help patients as best as I can; and although I just started this year at Markham Orthodontics, the team and Dr. Markham welcomed me with warm and open arms. I cannot wait for more to come.

Some things I like to do are taking small vacations when I can be with friends and family. I also enjoy sleeping in as much as I can. I love playing with makeup and once thought about pursuing a cosmetic (make-up artist) career.


Treatment Coordinator

As a Treatment Coordinator, I help new patients begin their orthodontic treatment journey. Listening to our patients concerns and their goals and helping them with understanding the steps of this journey (including all the appointments and the financials) is the first step in this fantastic process.

I joined Dr. Markham’s practice in May 2022, and my favorite part of my job is seeing the smile transformations and being a part of every patient’s orthodontic experience. Dr. Markham and the rest of our team are AMAZING! I have always felt so welcomed by everyone, and we all have such a positive outlook and energy!

Outside work, I spend as much time outdoors as I can. I love spending time on the ocean catching fish off the Farallon Islands. I also enjoy relaxing at home with my significant other and my two dogs, Travis and Snickers. I would love to continue my education and work with local wildlife, which I am also focusing on.

Chee Scheduling Coordinator


Scheduling Coordinator

As a scheduling coordinator, I monitor the schedule and ensure every patient walking in is greeted with a bright smile. I help patients with their appointments.

I joined the Markham Orthodontics team in February 2023. The best part about this job is seeing patients arrive smiling and excited about their treatment progress. I also enjoy meeting all the new patients and introducing them to our beautiful office, where they will soon have many visits.

Dr. Markham and the team are WONDERFUL! They have made me feel welcomed and cared for from the beginning. I admire each person for their work as they continue giving the best care and showcasing their personalities. Working with such a competent team is a pleasure and a blessing.

Outside work, I enjoy exploring new places within California, and as I get older, I plan to travel further to see what the beautiful earth has to offer. I love creating artwork through calligraphy, using impactful words and colors to help spread joy in one’s daily life. I also like working out in the gym and swimming competitively to strengthen my muscles. Feel free to ask me about my workout plan.


Registered Dental Assistant and Orthodontic Assistant

As a Registered Dental Assistant and Orthodontic Assistant, my job is to provide orthodontic care through laboratory procedures, clerical work, and treatment procedures. I began working in the dental field in 1996, and I have been working with Dr. Markham since 2002.

Dr. Markham and his team have created an open and safe environment for both the patients and the team. It makes coming to work every day so easy! But, the best part of my job by far is seeing patients achieve their new smiles.

My free time is spent with my daughter, family, and friends. I also enjoy traveling when I can and engaging in my culture. A fun fact about me is that I danced Folklorico for 30 years!


Registered Dental Assistant

My job as an Orthodontic Assistant is to walk with patients through every step of their orthodontic journey. I love watching our patients gain the beautiful smiles they have always dreamed of. It’s so rewarding to see someone who was once insecure about their teeth now want to show them off! Being a part of that process is the best part of my job.

I began working as a registered dental assistant in 2017. What I love about our office is that every team member works together to create a pleasant atmosphere for ourselves and our patients. As a part of this incredible team, I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my skills.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my extended family and my best friend/fur baby, Snowball!


Orthodontic Assistant

I love my job as I get to welcome each new patient to their orthodontic journey.  My goal is to be the best part of their day. I also enjoy seeing how happy patients are with their smiles at the end of the treatment.

A hobby I picked up during quarantine was working out at home. It allowed me to spend time with my family and friends, I am the youngest of 4 sisters.

I love to travel and I hope one day to travel to Egypt and Tokyo.

Sierra Registered Dental Assistant


Registered Dental Assistant

I started working in dentistry in 2019 and have tried different roles, from admin tasks to assisting and working with patients.

My job involves assisting Dr. Markham in educating patients on oral health and orthodontic treatment while performing patient care, lab work, and orthodontic procedures.

The favorite part of my job is being a part of my patients’ transformation and seeing how far they have come during their orthodontic journey. Especially seeing the change in confidence. A beautiful smile can really change a person’s perspective of themselves.

Markham Orthodontics team is always in high spirits and supportive; I enjoy working with them. It’s easy to come into work knowing I will be around people who are happy and willing to help if needed.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my boyfriend of 4 years and our 2-year-old Bengal cat, Bento. We love to take Bento out on walks and car rides. I am a big Kings fan, so we love to watch the game at home or buy last-minute tickets! I actively keep up with my education and take credit to continue renewing my RDA license.

Alexus Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant

My day is filled with great opportunities to help patients through their orthodontic journey and ensure they have the best experience.

I initially went to dental assisting school, and then I fell in love with orthodontics.

I love what I do and working with such a great team; Dr. Markham is one of the coolest orthodontists I have ever met, and the team is so helpful and supportive.

When I’m not at work, I’m usually at home with my daughter or spending time with my family. I enjoy being outside near the water or at a beautiful view.